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5 Easy Questions to Find a Small Business Web Design Provider

We’ve all heard about disasters where someone chose a dodgy small business web design company.
Often a one man band who offered a good price, a relative or commercial company that had a good reputation.
Things often start well but half way through the project the budget has tripled or your web designer gets busy and stops returning your calls. They lose interest in small business web design and go overseas. Or you learn too late that while they can create web pages they don’t have a clue about marketing your business.

These questions will help you evaluate whether your small business web design provider can create a web site for you that meets your requirements.

1. Service – will you help me grow my business after the web site is built?
Always ask for evidence of how good your web designers’ after sales service is. Small business web design firms are usually all about developing your web site. But they are not set up to help you build your business after the web site is built.

What do you do when your web site requires an urgent change or it breaks because of a problem with the hosting company and you can not get hold of your web guy?
For small business owners your website can be as important as your physical premises. If your website goes down it can be as bad as closing your doors.

Great web designers want to have a long association with your business. You can expect them to offer constant tips and services for improving your web site.

If you want to know how good a web firm is do not simply ask whether they provide website SEO service after the sale. They’ll obviously say yes.
Ask what to expect once the website is launched. This will identify if helping you grow your business is business as usual for them.

2. Will the design of my web site look fantastic and fit my brand perfectly?
A successful web site gives a great first impression and is consistently branded.
Branding is a crucial part of your businesses image and far too many websites have brands that under perform.

When somebody visits your web site their first impression of your business and recognition of your brand are formed in an instant. And these 2 things determine the level of credibility that you start with and how convinced they are by everything you say after that.

A well branded business is one where your shop sign, vehicle, brochures, business cards and website all have a consistent look. Each exposure to your brand is an opportunity to build trust, credibility and recognition.
When your brand is not recognized by a visitor due to inconsistency in visual design the process of building recognition and credibility starts again from scratch.

Don’t waste those all important first few seconds on reintroducing yourself. It’s imperative that your brand is the same on every item that carries your logo.

Review websites that were built by the web company you are considering and evaluate how consistent they are with shop fronts, car signs, business cards and what ever else has their branded on it.
A quick check will reveal all.

3. Do you provide a sales copy writing service?
Your web site visitors know at a glance that they have found what they are looking for when you have good sales copy. It makes it easy for them to find the information they are looking for and it answers all their questions.
It builds an intimate bond with a visitor, who is potentially your ideal customer, and it leads them along your sales path and convinces them to make contact with you.

If you don’t take care of this important step, the number of visitors to your web site may not matter, because none of them are persuaded to call you.

Once again, review the list of websites that have been built by your potential web partner. Do they consistently have a convincing message or do they put you to sleep?

4. Will I need a degree to update my website?
With the right CMS (content management system) your web site will be easy to update and does not require a PhD to use it. And it eliminates the risk of you accidentally breaking your web site.

You can make changes quickly and easily when ever it suits you. And over time you save a lot of money because you’re not paying your web designer to make every change.

Ask for a demonstration of the content management system your web designer uses before you proceed.
You can afford to discover you’ve chosen the wrong system after it’s too late to change your mind.

5. Do your clients get amazing results?
Many details must be done well to build an effective web site. From html coding and website SEO (search engine optimisation) to social media and email marketing. And it’s not easy for you to evaluate all of them.

Far simpler, is to ask for proof of customer success.
Any web designer worth their salt will guide you through a process and identify what methods will get you the best results. So check out the websites they have developed and the successes that they are helping their clients to achieve.
Obviously a web company is unable to guarantee success for any customer, but it’s an excellent sign if they can show you a lot of customers who have achieved success.

Good SEO companies never assume anything when helping a customer to determine what they need from a website.
And neither should you. So figure out the most important question before you choose a web company:
Affordable web design: Do I REALLY Need a Website For My Business?

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