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5 Pointers a CPA Has to Understand About Building a Website

While it can be a blessing to your company in lots of fundamental ways the key role of well designed CPA websites is marketing your business, and it’s essential to locate a designer that understands this. The web has changed over the last ten years, and your website isn’t a one trick pony. Good quality CPA websites can help you lead your firm more effectively and they can assist you with client retention. With a broad customer base, staying properly in contact and projecting a professional persona is exceedingly important.

Your profession doesn’t sit very well with rigid minds. Most small CPA firms have many different types of clients. This means you have unique needs where your website is concerned. You’ll be communicating with small business owners, contractors, freelancers, even jet-setting CEO’s and they all have different needs and expectations. Your site needs to be accessible and attractive to all of your current clientele, but it also needs to be listed in the major search engines so that you gain as much traffic as possible.

1. Tell Us About Yourself:

Put yourself out there. Good CPA websites need to be personalized to reflect you and your firm. A good CPA website designer will not only have experience setting up websites for accountants, but will also know how to present your practice in a way that reflects your company culture and personality. If you want to attract new business and cultivate long term relationships with your clients you need to offer more than skill and professionalism. This helps new prospects overcome their natural fear of of strangers and make the initial contact with you. Existing clients will really believe that you care about them and their businesses, and this will help you with client retention.

2. Make Your Website Worth Visiting:

What you say is just as important as how you say it. Make sure you website is offering real value to it’s visitors. Offer features like Financial Guides, newsletters and Financial Calculators. These are the elements of your website that will bring people back time and time again even if they’re not looking for a CPA… yet. It will also inspire confidence in your existing clients and offer a good opportunity for you to cross-sell your services.

3. Online Visibility:

Another important factor in choosing CPA websites is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Websites require traffic to generate business, after all. There are lot’s of different kinds of search engine listings, including paid advertising. But website SEO is about improving your “organic” or “free” listings and these are the types of listings that get your firm the best results. And don’t forget what I told you about content! If a searcher lands on a badly written page it doesn’t matter how good your search engine listing is; the visitor is going to “bounce”. When a visitor takes one look at your page and then just leaves we call it a “bounce”.

4. Monitor Your Traffic Stats:

Part of managing your business is going over financial statements and productivity reports. You can’t just pay your rent and hope for the best. Similarly it’s crucial to keep track of your CPA website success. Monitoring website hits – and where they come from – can enable you to hone your marketing strategies. Winners keep score!

5. Old School Marketing:

Speaking of marketing strategies, what are the best ways to ensure your local customer pool has only one company on its mind? The answer is simple: networking. You probably attend CPA conferences and try to gather useful contacts on an offline basis. Now it’s time to transfer that to an online medium. Learn how to use social media to enhance your networking efforts. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are becoming big players in successful internet marketing efforts. If you already have a blog keep it distinctive and update it frequently. If not, consider maintaining one.

Taking these 5 tips into consideration will very likely let you pass over the tangible world and move productively into cyber-space! Designing CPA websites can give the impression of being very frightening to newbies if they don’t grasp the fundamentals. As you can see, however, it’s not really all that rough.

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