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5 Things To Look for in an Email Marketing Company

Searching for a new email marketing company? Whether you’re new to email marketing or simply looking to switch services, choosing the right company is an important decision. Read on for five tips on selecting the best business email marketing service.

1. Personalization

Email marketing is a great vehicle to showcase your promotions, special items, industry news, and so on, but it’s also a valuable branding opportunity, especially when you opt for a personalized template. When selecting an email marketing company, be sure to choose a service that can customize your email templates to include your company colors and logo. For a fee, some email marketing services will even design a one-of-a-kind template just for you.

2. Thoroughness

Your email marketing company will blast your company newsletter to hundreds and even thousands of recipients on your contact list, which will likely grow over time. It’s great to get that much exposure, but also rather risky — if you make a mistake, everyone will see it! Make sure you choose a business email marketing program that consults you every step of the way, from querying your promotional ideas to sending you a final proof of the email promotion.

3. Statistical Reporting

Of all the questions you can ask yourself about your small business email marketing campaign, one is more important than the rest: “Is this thing working?” In order to monitor the results of your marketing efforts, you’re going to have to choose an email marketing service that provides detailed statistical reports, which tell you how many reads, clicks, and forwards your emails are receiving. This can help you determine which of your offers are the most popular, and whether or not your internet marketing company is providing a worthwhile service.

4. Experience

As always, it’s best to do business with a reputable internet marketing company. To find a reliable service, look for a provider that offers a variety of online marketing plans — including but not limited to business email marketing campaigns. Most well-rounded search engine agencies offer a variety of services, including Search Engine Optimization (website SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), social networking, PR marketing, web design and, yes, email marketing.

5. Affordability

Creating a successful email online marketing campaign is no easy task, but it’s not exactly rocket science, either. Make sure you find a marketing service with affordable rates that you expect to earn back through an influx of business. To be extra careful, consider signing up with a targeted email marketing service offering month-to-month plans, so you don’t wind up committing yourself to a company you barely know.

Follow these tips, and you should have no trouble selecting a reliable email marketing service to help your business shine!

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