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Accountant Websites- Properly Using Meta Tags

As you’re looking at this article I’m going to make certain significant presumptions about you. I’ll consider you’re an accounting professional, I’m also going to consider that you either have or intend to get a website, and I’m going to consider that you have already seen the significance of the world wide web in bringing prospective clients into your firm. You already grasp the world wide web is a really competitive marketplace that changes quickly, and in order to exploit it properly as a marketing instrument, it’s critical to have optimized content with an elevated degree of relevance to users. This gives effective accountant websites superior visibility by ranking them higher in search engines like Google. Search engine optimization (SEO) has changed quite a lot over the past few years, however, with the meta-crawlers that search engines use to determine page relevance becoming smarter and smarter.

A few years ago, many businesses simply “stuffed” their websites with keywords, frequently indexing keyword-dense pages in places only the meta-crawlers could find. However, search engines began to recognize that these techniques were not necessarily leading end users to the kind of relevant information they were looking for, so the meta-crawlers were updated and website SEO best practices had to change along with them.

Still, the appropriate use of keywords within page content is remains vital to the success of well optimized accountant websites. For example, a web page contains two “meta tags” that are still considered very important. Meta tags don’t actually appear on the page, but the search engines see them as “titles” and “descriptions”. This is because the meta-crawlers that determine the relevance of websites will look to headlines and titles for the use of keywords. The thinking is that if a headline or title contains optimized words and phrases, it is reasonable to assume the content that follows from those headlines and titles will be on the same topic and therefore will also have a high degree of relevance.

There is another meta tag you’ve probably heard of is the “keyword list”. Back in the old days the this tag was very important to a website’s ranking. For the most part keyword lists are pretty much useless now. Most search engines don’t apply any importance to your keyword list, and if any still do they’re not giving it much more than a backwards glance. It can’t hurt to use the tag, but don’t expect any real results from it.

So how can accountant websites make effective use of these website SEO techniques? Use your tags. Make sure your page titles and descriptions are honestly descriptive of your page content and give all your important pages (especially your home page) unique tags. You can also boost visibility by referencing your local area frequently–this will capture you a larger share of the people who are searching for CPA websites within your city or region.

On it’s own a website only has so much power, and in order to really do well in the search engines you’ll need help from other sites. It’s also important that a website draw readers. One way to accomplish both of these objectives is to keep a blog.

Of course there’s limits to what even a blog can accomplish, don’t expect this strategy to be any more than a good start to a successful website. But a blog will help you keep your accountant website active in two ways. First, they allow you to continue to entice readers by offering them specific, highly relevant information on commonly encountered issues and topics that they may be wondering about, allowing you to position yourself as the solution to their needs. You can also use your blog to link to your main website, and search engines love that. It will be really good for your rankings to have an active blog full of relevant content linking to your your site. This allows you to compose “calls to action” that call for the visitor to simply click through to your main website. You can also increase traffic to the site, and that is the proper object of accountant websites: more traffic means more business.

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