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Amazing Thoughts On How To Lower Your Costs By Half – Work With A Virtual Assistant

I keep hearing the term “Virtual Assistant” however I don’t really comprehend what it is? It’s a question I hear constantly, people immediately think virtual = sitting on the recliner watching television while charging a client for hours. Regrettably, when customers hire a Virtual Assistant, they actually expect to see a completed job before they pay for the invoice, they are funny that way!

It’s the word “virtual” that puts folks off. All virtual signifies is that the VA works from their home office rather than your working environment, in this way it will save you money since you don’t need to provide working space, furniture or equipment.

That’s a significant savings when you consider just how much the three of these together may cost. The next question that folks ask is “how do I communicate with my VA?”

VA’s are working from their home office, not outer space! You, the customer choose exactly what the ideal communication technique is to suit your needs – phone, instant messenger, e-mail. If any unexpected emergency pops up, your VA will tell you this and they will have a plan in position.

I understand the above but a VA cannot possibly accomplish everything that my in-house assistant is capable of doing! Why not! VA’s provide specialized services just like PR, marketing, bookkeeping, HR, legal, website design plus the common admin responsibilities – calendar management, customer service, transcribing, correspondence, researching prices, offering supplies and answering the phone. A VA can achieve in four hours what an in-house assistant might take eight hours to accomplish. The one thing a VA cannot do is make coffee and file – nevertheless they can turn your working environment into a paperless office!

The wonderful thing about VA’s is the fact that there is one out there for each and every business, all you’ve got to do is hire a virtual assistant that’s perfect for you. The majority of business owners, who hire a virtual assistant, end up keeping them! Visit Los Angeles SEO for more tips.

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