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Discover The Magic Of Link Wheel Creation For Businesses

Link wheel creation is deemed today as one of the ideal tools to boost any website SEO campaign. While this is true, its proper implementation and use are the real keys to making it work to any site’s advantage.

Consequently, many website owners want to know link wheel development and how to go about the process. To begin with, they must understand the idea behind this concept.

Generally, this practice involves creation of links from diverse social networks of high ranking and other valuable means of communication. With the use of helpful web 2.0 features and other sources, a number of “do-follow” links are created. These links are important as they reflect or point back to your website all throughout the process.

While it can lift a website’s page ranking, speculations suggest that Google crawlers rank these links in a subdued manner. This is why some Los Angeles SEO experts say that link wheels are not enough for link building as part of SEO services.

As you, a website owner, seek to secure an effective means to build links, it must be clear on your part that this is not an overnight process. Regular follow-ups and repetitions of the steps it includes will be needed to make it work.

Keep in mind though that doing things slowly but surely can acquire a good impression for your website from search engines. So, there is no need to hurry as you put all your efforts to the purpose generating more links.

Presently, a number of SEO businesses offers link wheel service as part of their brand. Most of them seem to be utilizing the most of certain strategies for this purpose. Whether you are subscribing to such a service, it would be best for you to know its details.

The Method

Squidoo lens creation is usually the first process that service providers take. In this step, a service provider creates in Squidoo a website relevant to your website’s topic. From here, article writing, creation of hub pages and linking of your article/s from these sites towards your main website are executed.

Specifically, these steps comprise a system that utilizes Web 2.0 blogging websites that have substantial page ranking on their domains. Each of the sites included in the link wheels have articles of unique content with 200 to 300 words, a link to your main website and a link to one of your microsites. The latter are created on the same date and the articles are posted randomly. This process may be repeated until a considerable number of link wheels connected to the main website is reached.

Link wheel creation may sound an easy process; in fact a website owner can consider doing it himself. However, to make it successful and work for your site’s benefit, several considerations should be noted. Read on the following ideas.

Provide Quality Articles

Apart from your main website, all your microsites should provide fresh and helpful reads for viewers. It cannot be discounted that quality articles and other useful pieces of literature are link wheels themselves. They too are the best promotional tools your website can benefit from.

When a visitor finds a certain website helpful, besides bookmarking it, he shares it with other people. Thus, links are created. This no longer requires hands-on effort. It just happens naturally.

Stay Linked With Related And Press Release Sites

Websites of similar topics are a reality in the web. As part of successful link building, you can link your site with ones belonging to the same niche as yours. Choosing to link with websites of high page rankings can do wonders to your website’s ranking.

The advantage of posting links on websites like, and should be included when link wheel creation is thought of. These famed press release sites surely boosts sites’ promotion using effective SEO services today.

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