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Increasing Site User Satisfaction Through Effective Navigation Planning And Implementation

There is nothing worse than realizing your navigation is not laid out properly, then you have to take care of it – all over your site. Regardless of what you need for your site or navigation, it just has to be right for your application no matter what you are doing. Go through the article below and you’ll find three effective tips to help you work on this important area of your site’s design.

The use of Flash on websites has greatly decreased these days since Flash isn’t really that user friendly and tends to be unreadable by the search engines. For the sake of many people, provide alternative means to view your site with no Flash at all. The main problem for so many is that Flash slows down the pages, and navigating around becomes very annoying. You should try to cater all types of your audiences and see to it that none of your visitors feel ignored. On the other hand, take a look at your web logs and figure out what the bounce rate is, and then proceed based on that number. Most people have a little bit of patience and will look for something they really want if they think you have it, but try to minimize the search time. This is exactly why you should group your navigational options in relevant categories so that they’re easy to find. It is not hard at all to organize your topics according to categories. Search engine optimization (SEO) and reduced bounce rates will be the primary reasons for taking care of this.

One of the most critical pages on all sites is the home page since it is from there that all else happens. You shouldn’t ignore your homepage when creating other pages and provide a link to it on every page that you add to your site. But in addition to optimization reasons, your visitors have come to expect the home link on all pages. Other common practices include using logos as home page links, and if you have one you should do that, as well. There are some refinements involved with good navigation, and for that you will need to do additional research and reading. If you are not doing website SEO, then this topic gets really very basic depending on the scope of your site. Visit Los Angeles SEO services for more information.

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