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Is the first page placement just a misnomer?

As a user, how often do you go beyond the first page of search results while surfing the Internet? Perhaps the only time you might find yourself going beyond the first page would be when you want to check whether your website is showing up on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). This simple example clearly illustrates the importance of a first page placement. Think of users across the globes who are constantly on the lookout for professional services and information.

There is a lot of demand for online businesses. Some of them do really well while the others run into losses and fade away with time. The deciding factor for the success of an online business of any size is its ranking on the SERPs. First page placement is definitely not a misnomer and any website that shows up on this prime spot of real estate on the Internet marketplace is clearly a winner all the way. Search engine algorithms are tuned to index only those websites that are professional and have a lot of relevant and useful content. These businesses fit the bill and they’re aptly rewarded with an excellent Return On Investment (ROI).

The content is not necessarily limited to text alone and may also include videos and images, music, etc. Each website is given a PageRank by Google’s search engine crawlers or bots and this web score decides their ranking and in turn their fate. Some websites may not show up on the first page and still be successful. There are two reasons. Either the website has already carved a niche for itself in the online market and is a big player or users are visiting the website by either bookmarking it or directly typing in the URL of the website into their browsers. These businesses don’t need the first page placement as they get their sales and revenue without having to face the intense and cut-throat competition of making the final cut on the SERPs. A combination of a good landing page, user-friendly navigation and high quality backlinks might get you the spot you seek.


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