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Personalize your SAP Customer Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns with SAP Decision Makers Lists

Still sending bulk email campaigns? It’s high time you switch over to personalized campaigns! At least to your existing SAP using customer list.

Who does not like to be greeted by their own name?

When I get a spam mail or a bulk mail, it seems less spammy or less bulky if it greets me by my name. I feel more like a human, than a random number. I feel it is really addresses to me and that content is somehow related to me. I may really take time to read the message, may click through a link or stop myself from deleting it!

Lesson learned

  • Always personalize your SAP user targeted email marketing campaigns. In other words, address your SAP marketing list recipients with their name in your email message, atleast by their first name
  • Make your email readers feel more like themselves, less like mere numbers by greeting them individually and personally

Personalization has many benefits like:

  • Personalized emails are more likely to be opened than generic emails
  • Personalized email marketing messages get triple the response rate
  • Using personalized email marketing enhances your corporate image

How can I personalize my marketing campaigns?

Use a group mailing software or CRM that allows you to send personalized emails to your SAP User marketing list. If you do not have an in-house facility, contact an email service provider or a list vendor like who has a email campaign software with personalization option.

Personalization assistance

SAP Decision Makers Lists has created industry lists to help you reach potential customers specific to your target market. These lists give you access to detailed contact information of businesses, employers, and professionals with exact names and titles. This enables you to extend your reach to more specific targets and personalize your campaigns.

Our industry lists can be used for a variety of marketing campaigns including email marketing, telemarketing and direct marketing. You can now reach thousands or millions of your targets cost effectively and speedily and get results.

Be it the health care or the manufacturing industry, IT or telecom industry, or any other industry, our  industry specific are the ultimate and comprehensive source of information you are looking for. Visit our blog to learn many many tips on SAP marketing.

Bianca Finn: A SAP marketing data consultant from San Francisco. Get targeted email campaigning tips and SAP user data management clues from Bianca Finn for your business marketing success.


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