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Search Engine Optimization KEYWORDs And Their Benefits

Never forget to create a list of search engine optimization keywords when you are having keyword research. Bear in mind that your first tier keyword is your primary money phrase. So, it has to generate high traffic and high conversion and good competition as well. We have Band Merch for the example Planet 13 store. When it comes to the second tier, consider your possible money phrases along with the different services that you do provide. It could be website SEO services for one.

So you might provide, for example, celebrant Los Angeles. That might be one of those phrases that you go after on this second tier. Then you can try and maybe go for the area which might be geographic location plus keyword. Try and go for that first. Then when you get that, go for the more competitive phrase. When you’re building links, you’ve been building links with that keyword in it anyway. So that is a better way to go. I don’t mind going for high competition things or even higher than that first tier. For example some of the ones that we use are band t-shirts, band stickers, band buttons, they are all category related things. For our business we have website SEO company, SEO training, SEO expert. That is comparing an e commerce site with a services based website.

Drilling down a little deeper would be advisable when having the longer tail phrases for the third tier. In here, I take a lot from those categories. From there, I take time to see the sub search engine optimization keywords connected to them before I go to longer tail phrases. Let us recall that for the first tier, you will need one keyword. Then, ten keywords specifically is what you will need for the second tier. This is plus or minus, these are rough numbers. For the third tier, I might recommend ten or twenty. Ultimately, we are just to keep on building for these three tier pages.

These days, SEO appears as a game of volume. You could no longer rank your website in the search engines if it only has five pages seasoned with non-competitive keywords. In this modern age, you got to be aggressive in building pages in order to increase search engine ranking. You can have built in geographic locations for those longer tail things. Having product names is also good. Just keep building that list. On Planet 13, Metallica sticker, Metallica black t-shirt and for Los Angeles SEO Services on our SEO blog that’s where we use building our pages to go for those longer tail phrases. We’ll go for things like guide to selling a website, video marketing SEO and WordPress or on page SEO.

You can see those longer phrases and if you visualize that, you must start to plan it out in your head and all of this should be already starting to sink in. Be sure to map out your site structure and select what search engine optimization keywords you are going to go for.

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