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So, You Generated Opt In Email Subscribers, Now What?

I’m guessing that if you are reading this, that you would have a great idea how to get large quantities of highly targeted traffic to your blog, and then convert this traffic into email opt in’s either manually or using plugins like popup domination. This is great news, especially if you plan on making an income with your website. That said, there is no real tried and true method for making an income with your list, but by playing by a few simple rules, I am sure that you can take your current list that you are developing, and set the ball in motion. Yes, I’m talking about how to treat your subscribers right.

Relationships Matter Big Time!

Every single time I receive more than two sales pitches in a row, I unsubscribe. Its just noise, and to someone like me, I don’t appreciate people who see me as only a buyer rather than someone who likes to be treated like gold. Here’s the bottom line. You want to be getting around 20 times more subscribers in a day than those that unsubscribe. That is a good return, and in order to be able to do that, you need to focus on building a rock solid relationship with your subscribers. Think about it this way – how many door to door sales people do you slam the door on per year?

Consider going out of your way to understand what it is that your subscribers want. Even go so far as to ask them directly. Once you know what it is, then deliver it to them. I know, it sounds simple, and believe me, once you know what it is that your followers want, pleasing them and turning them into raved fans will be simple. Why? Because you know how to give them what they want.

Be A Story Teller

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like a good story. As such, you can easily spread s good story that relates to what it is that your subscribers want, out over several emails. Consider using cliffhangers and hooks in your story, but above all else, make sure that the story benefits your subscribers. This is an awesome tactic within its own right, and really opens yourself up for making small pitches and recommendations.

Don’t Make It Hard To Unsubscribe

I could name many supposed email marketing gurus that commit this sin on a daily basis. They make it way too hard to unsubscribe. Consider this – list segmentation is a great idea in theory, but if a subscriber is passed to several other lists when they subscribe once, or even when they unsubscribe, this is going to severely damage any kind of relationship that you had with your visitors.

Although this is a much more advanced method, you can segment your list without passing your subscribers to new and separate lists. At the end of the day however, if one of your subscribers no longer wants to receive email from you, then it is your job to make it as easy as possible for them to do so. Think about it. Once you end that subscription, if it ends on a bad note, it is gone for good. That is an absolutely worse case scenario, and almost always results in bad press. You can recruit as many people using great plugins like popup domination, but if you can’t keep them on as either a subscriber of a follower, then you are doomed.

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