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Targeted Email Marketing – The Most Powerful and Proven Way to Market Via Email

The notion that you can just send a bulk email blast to thousands of random people and generate sales is becoming a thing of the past. As with any kind of marketing the best way to generate a really successful campaign is to use targeted email marketing.

In the past, people were more concerned with volume of the list more so than how targeted it was. It was believed that if you blast to as many people as possible you’ll see positive results. Mailing in volume can give decent results in some cases, but you are also wasting resources and literally spamming. Keep in mind the new spam laws always require that your list is truly opt in and targeted. When you mail to a list that is targeted specifically to what you have to offer, you will see a much better conversion rate.

Your goal is to generate sales, and there is no better way to do this than with targeted email marketing. It is simply a great way to advertise what you have to offer. Once you follow all the laws that govern email marketing, and build your list to be opt-in and targeted to what your business is about, you can expect fantastic results.

You’ll find companies offering targeted email lists for purchase, but I’ve found that the word targeted can be a bit confusing. Some companies that state their email lists are targeted, simply mean that the list was harvested based on categories, and not generated using legitimate opt in methods. Therefore, before purchasing any targeted email list, always inquire and get full details on how the list was generated.

Above all else, co-registration, and building the email list from scratch on your own, is truly the best and safest method of ensuring that you have a targeted email marketing campaign.

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