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The Beginner’s Guide To Forum Posting

Paid forum Posting and link building

Online visibility is one of the major factors in getting new business, in these Web 2.0 days.  The best way to do this is through search engine rankings. It is important that your website ranks among the top pages in search engines, for a targeted search term. This will lead to more visibility in the eyes of the end user, and therefore more traffic towards your site. The way to achieve this is through link building. There are various strategies of link building. This article will explain in detail about one of the major strategies – getting a link from forum posting.

How to get links through a forum post?

Getting a link from popular forums is one of the best ways of link building. Whenever you register on a forum, there will be a Signature field. You can give the link of your website as the anchor text in the HTML tag, and include keywords that you are targeting, along with your name.  Each time you make a post, this will ensure a link towards your site from the post, and the ‘anchor’ text will have your keyword as well.

What to keep in mind while posting on a forum

  1. Never spam – always post something that other readers would like to read about.
  2. When you ask questions, make sure you thank the people who have answered.
  3. Keep in mind the veracity of what you’re saying, while you are answering a query posted on a forum.

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