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Use Of Social Video On Your Business Website

You might be thinking now of the right number of social videos you should make for your website. In our Los Angeles SEO company we’ve got three YouTube accounts, and three YouTube channels and we’ve made over three hundred videos in the last three years, which is a hundred every year, which is about two every week.

You might be saying that you don’t have the time to just that. As you see your business as something small, you might be saying that you have only little information at hand which could be converted into videos. Think about this – you can make a lot of videos even from a single event.

Generally our videos come from audio interviews. After that an assistant makes that into a powerpoint presentation on Keynote which seems to work better. You can try it yourself. Then this is the time that an hour’s worth of video is cut into seven smaller videos. Each of these small cuts is pushed into the web and is optimized properly. Although optimized individually, they all come back to just one URL.

Social media video can be a part of your small business internet marketing even if you’re just starting. Just stand in front of a video camera and make a video just introducing your company, introducing something that you’ve learnt, some new content or a new product. There are a number of things you can do.

The idea of quantity against quality is something that our team has seen to evolve. Let us say that your business in a competitive niche like website SEO services. This would mean that you need to push out a lot of content really quickly. So quantity is something that you should really work on instead of quality. In our production company, the social videos that we make range from low end corporate videos to high end corporate documentaries. All the work will take a week of full time editing. Afterwards a soundtrack and special effects will be inserted and more.

That’s usually for one video that is going to appear. You need to be working to find a balance between pushing things out as quickly as you need to but also developing your brand. It’s simple things. It is about getting a logo at the start and end of the video. Or it is about how you dress sometimes or where it is located.

As we take a look at the snippets that we have here, we will be able to track the evolution of the David Jenyns look. This is just a demonstration of how branding has progressed for our company. Thoughts on making a social video are surely running in your mind at the moment. We just started with a small camera. Afterwards, we started mixing some elements. Presently, we have a room in the office which we have set up as a studio space. In there, we have a camera, some lights and a backdrop. These processes show how our brand has evolved.

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