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Using Social Bookmarking Sites to Get Better Traffic

You can use social bookmarking to get highly targeted traffic for just about any kind of website. People who frequent these kinds of sites are often looking for very targeted information that they can use immediately and if you are able to give that to them, not only will you be liked by most users, you’ll end up generating high levels of traffic to your website. The nicest thing about using social bookmarking to generate traffic is that your niches aren’t limited; you can promote any site you want and still get traffic going to it. What matters most is whether you can provide something of value.

Use Tags Effectively: There’s a reason why there’s a tagging feature in almost all social bookmarking sites. Tagging is the new way of categorizing information so that it’s easily accessible. Delicious, one of the first pioneers in the social bookmarking world brought in tagging so that people that are bookmarking various types of content should be able to retrieve it whenever they want. So, if you want to get the best out of your social bookmarking initiative then you shouldn’t ignore the importance of using the right tags. Make sure your tags include your targeted keywords, so that not only the users but even the search engine spiders are able to find your links.

Use the Title Effectively: Don’t make the mistake of putting the URL in the title, because your title is where your link’s unique selling point goes. Put in your main keyword in the title so that it not only gets noticed by the people that are searching, but also gets a good search engine ranking. The title is one space that doesn’t get a lot of work done on it by the webmasters and this is perhaps the biggest reason that they don’t have the click through rates they want.

Learn How to Write Great Headlines: Now, in terms of creating a title for your bookmark, creating headlines is very important. Lots of times great content goes unnoticed or even misunderstood by the users who see it. This is mostly because your title hasn’t worked the way it was supposed to. Users who browse through a bunch of bookmarks almost always only notice the titles. Your click through rate will be poor if you don’t have an attractive title. This is your chance to make a fantastic impression on the bookmark skimmer. Your title needs to grab hold of the reader’s attention and tell them what they can expect to get from you if they click on your links. Choose the Right Category: Don’t get lazy when it comes down to selecting the right category for your bookmark. If you want your target audience to find you and have your website visited/bookmarked by a large number of people you should make sure your link goes under the appropriate category or topic. In conclusion, from the above article we can clearly come to understand how to make your social bookmarking task even more effective when it comes to driving traffic to your site. It will take some time before you actually start to get returns on your time investment, but it will all be worth it eventually.

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