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When network marketing, targeted email marketing is a huge help

When you get into  will definitely help you along. It could be the difference between pounding your head on the desk and actually making sales. It could also save you from annoying the people closest to you.

You see, with network marketing, you have to chase down leads, much like in standard email marketing. One definite selling point for the truly good network marketing companies is that they will provide you with a targeted or “hot” list of recipients. These lists go a long way toward actually making sales.

Let’s contrast this with “cold” lists or even no list at all. Hot lists are people who have already expressed an interest in products similar to yours, and might be amicable to buying them. Cold lists are people who haven’t even been consulted, or maybe they just ignored previous offers. Really, the best thing you can expect is to pare it down to a hot list of your own. Without a list, you’ll have to create your own, and people often start with their friends and families.

With all that said, a campaign will go a long way to boost your network marketing sales. Sure, you could theoretically go through the slower process of using the social networks. However, mass mailing a hot list can seriously speed up the process.

Think of it like this. Pretend you’re selling Avon door to door. Imagine being able to hit a thousand doors or more all at once! Even better, imagine that everyone on the other side of the door once said “I’d love to, but I don’t have the money right now.” As you can imagine, your chances of getting sales in the first day are through the roof!

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