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Where To Get The Best Virtual Assistant

If you’d like to attempt to find the best virtual assistant for your Los Angeles SEO online marketing team, then you might head over to something like because they’ve a first world background. There will be plenty of folk from the States bidding on that. If you go to Rent A Coder it’s easy to get folks in third world countries and states where English may still be their first language but the dollar goes a lot further.

This is what I would suggest if you’re new. Rather than going out and just hiring someone from the Philippines to work full time for you because you hear what a great opportunity it is, if you haven’t done any outsourcing first, this is what I would suggest. Start to find the best online virtual assistant on Rent A Coder, find out one or two small jobs that you want to get done. Find out just a few jobs or maybe if you’ve got a really big project, break it down into one or two small pieces and then bid that same small component of the overall job out to multiple people. So you’ll get three or four people post on your job.

Everytime I post my job, this is a little hot tip, I just like to start off my auction, I can’t remember who I learned it from, but ‘this is an easy job for someone who is able to say what they’re doing.’ That is a really good begin to your outline because it’s pre framing them to think, oh, it’s complicated, then you assert, well, you simply don’t know how to be #1 on google. Then usually it will get the best virtual assistant to be more competitive. So that is a very good opener there.

But if you have got a large project for your search engine optimisation company, you’ll break it down into smaller pieces and then you can bid it out on Rent A Coder. Hire A Coder is similar to a reverse eBay. Instead of posting up a product and people bidding on how much they are prepared to pay, you post up a job and then people will bid how much they are pleased to work for. You’ll get to take a look at their feedback to see what work they’ve done formerly, you can go thru their portfolio and research what it is that they’ve done.

Now when we try and select folks, we’ll break down that little part of the job, we’ll post it on and the things which we’ll look for is ensuring that they get good feedback from tons of folks. I love to see at least twenty feedback points. I do not desire somebody completely fresh to Rent A Coder, unless they are going to come at a stupid price, $5, $10 a job because they want to prove to you and they’d like to build up their feedback points.

There are exceptions to the rule, but typically I like to go with the best virtual assistant who has feedback. The main reason for that is I don’t like to waste time anymore. As much as you can try and dig for gold to try and get that one or two people who might save you $10 or $20, I think you’re going to be better off to bid a little bit more and get a higher quality individual who knows how to do press release service and then it just makes things flow a lot more smoothly.

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